Because computer and networking related services are almost always unique to each customer and situation, ALL jobs will be custom quoted with an estimate on what we believe will be needed to complete the job. Please be advised that quotes are not a guarantee of pricing, unless specifically stated. All time frames provided in the quotes are estimates and subject to change depending on the actual job being performed, unless specifically stated.

Zell Networking is different from our competitors in that we have a standard price for each service, as well as an hourly rate (more info below). Some services will combine the standard price with the hourly rate, but most standard services are exempt from the hourly service and your custom quote will clearly provide details if the hourly rate is included.

Our hourly rates have a one hour minimum and then are billed by the half hour (rounded up). This means if we only need 1 1/2 hours to complete the job, you will not be billed for 2 hours of work. Our hourly rates are as follows:

On Site - $50/hour

Drop Off - $30/hour

Online Security Review - $35/hour

On Site Security Review - $75/hour (unless otherwise negotiated)

Many of our services can be purchased as packages that do not include hourly rates, such as initial installs, product purchase assistance, etc. Most monthly services, such as network administration and maintenance, are exempt from the hourly rates. All services that are not exempt from the hourly rate will be noted as such in your custom quote.

Please review a basic list of services we offer HERE.